Database Development

  • Do you want your company to be more efficient?
  • Do you still use paper or spreadsheets to store and retrieve information vital to your business?
  • Can you manage company data to easily produce custom reports or lists and view them in any sorted order?
  • Can you easily track essential customer information?
  • Can your customers view their information through a web portal?

These are all examples of how a database can help your business!

B2 Software offers cost-effective data and database solutions specifically tailored to your immediate needs with the forethought to meet your future needs. This provides flexibility and power – all at a reasonable price and within your budget and time frame.

Our Database Services include:

  • Database architecture design
  • Rapid Prototyping databases for Web Applications
  • Custom Database Applications
  • Database Speed, Performance, index tuning and administration
  • Data and data-view caching for speed and performance
  • SQL Server stored procedure programming
  • Informix 4gl programming
  • Ongoing database maintenance
  • Database migration including Platform and DB server upgrades
  • Data mining and related reports
  • Data modeling
  • Data acquisition
  • Complex SQL Statements

B2 Software’s technical team has broad experience with:

  • MS SQL Server
  • Informix
  • MySQL
  • MS Access
  • Paradox
  • Many other ODBC-compliant databases