Web Marketing Consultation

Key website marketing questions

  • Are you selling the right products and services on your website?
  • Are key web pages focused on the right products or services?
  • Are key web pages focused on specific demographics or verticals?

How would a Web Marketing Consultation benefit your business?

Our goal is to review your products and services to determine your niche market, and how to attract qualified web vistors to your site, and turn them into qualified leads or customers for the least amount of time and money.

What happens during the consultation?

The consultation involves two in-person meetings on two separate days. Each day consists of two 2-hour meetings, with a 1 hour break in the middle.

How will we help you with your website marketing?

  • Determine the best short-term and long-term web marketing goals
  • Empower you to not only know, but to help you perform the actions needed to turn your website into a real sales tool
  • Determine horizontal/vertical markets, and the niche industries your products/services appeal to
  • Determine the products or services should be promoted, and just as importantly, what should not be promoted
  • Determine what to promote on the web, and qualify the customer
  • How will the website be used to focus the sales and marketing efforts on the key products/services
  • Determine the key differentiators of your products/services
    • examples: Price, service, quality
  • Determine your offer.
    • examples: Free Consultation, Free Estimate, Free Hug, Gift with purchase, etc.

What happens after the consultation?

  • Additional phone calls or email correspondence may be needed to clarify any additional details
  • The results of the meetings and correspondence will be used for completion of a documented summary of what was discussed and decided during the meetings
  • Additional consultation may be desired to provide additional details
  • The marketing plan document is delivered to you