WordPress Sites

Looking for a WordPress website? Do you want to publish a blog? Do you want to easily control and update your own web content? A WordPress fully customizable CMS (Content Management System) is the way to go.

WordPress is a leading website platform on the Internet today. With its extensive theme and plugin directory, WordPress can be tailored to fit any needs. It allows you to easily create a complex blog or a powerful content management system. WordPress has gained popularity over other dedicated content management systems because it is very flexible, easy to install, easier for clients to make updates and allows better search engine placements. Many small and medium-sized businesses, non-profit organizations and educational institutions have found WordPress increasingly useful.

Why choose WordPress for your website? 

  • WordPress is simple, flexible and easy to use.
  • It allows one or more persons to make changes or update websites with minimal effort.
  • Blogs, news, videos, or testimonials can be added with ease.
  • One can easily optimize the website by adding tags to all posts and pages.
  • The WordPress interface is user friendly and comes with a simple and easy to use editor.
  • It’s fully compatible with all types of social media.
  • The availability of thousands of free and paid plugins, integrating online payment systems, Newsletters, contact forms, social media, E-Commerce etc.

B2 Software is a leading WordPress design and development company that can support all of your WordPress needs. Our web development team is highly experienced with the most up-to-date, leading technologies and can provide you with a custom WordPress website that will increase your search engine rankings and impress your visitors. Our highly skilled team of developers, designers, system architects and search engine optimization specialists will help your website dreams become a reality!

WordPress Services

  • We can design and build a totally custom WordPress website to fit all your needs.
  • We can develop your new website or migrate your existing website onto WordPress.
  • If needed, we offer support or training with your existing WordPress website.
  • We can set up a blog for you.
  • If your current WordPress website doesn’t have all the features you need (Newsletters, Social Media, Multisite, E-Commerce, etc.), we can help you.